Third ARCC Report

The Connecticut Warbler, 9(1): 20-24 (January 1989)
By George A. Clark, Jr.

The Connecticut Rare Records Committee (hereafter CRRC) was established in an effort to improve the quality of documentation for sightings of rare birds in Connecticut and to facilitate the preservation of that documentation. A previous report from the CRRC (1987, Connecticut Warbler 7:46-51) more fully explains that rationale for the CRRC.

This third report follows the format established in the previous CRRC report. Submitted and/or published notes on particular sightings have been reviewed by the CRRC and evaluated as accepted or not accepted. Not accepted reports include two categories: 1) reports for which the documentation was considered inadequate for the identification, and 2) reports of species judged by the CRRC to be correctly identified but most probably escapes or releases from captivity. A number of additional sightings are currently under review and are to be included in future CRRC reports. The CRRC welcomes submission of additional reports, and Rare Bird Report Forms may be obtained from the CRRC Secretary, Frank Mantlik (39-A Woodside Ave., Westport, CT 06880).

In the following accounts, the number of birds at each locality and date is one unless otherwise indicated. Hyphenated numbers in parentheses (e.g., “88-15”) are CRRC file numbers. For cases in which two or more observers are named, those who submitted a report are marked with an asterisk (•). Reference to additional details in the Connecticut Warbler is provided as “CW”, followed by the volume and pages. The following species are the most recent additions to the State list: Anhinga (hypothetical), Fulvous Whistling-Duck, Mew Gull (hypothetical). Burrowing Owl, Le Conte’s Sparrow.


EARED GREBE (Podiceps nigricollis) Sandy Point, West Haven, 6 Jan. 1987, D. Sibley* and R. Schwartz (88-15).

CORY’S SHEARWATER (Calonectris diomedea) Picked up at Lake Forest, Bridgeport, 5 Oct. 1985 and released 9 Oct., Fairfield, M.G. Bull et al. (86-10); photo on file.

NORTHERN GANNET (Sula bassanus) Numerous individuals were actively feeding along Long Island Sound in the period 24-29 Nov. 1985. The only group of these sightings reviewed by the CRRC was from Stratford, 28-29 Nov., M. Szantyr et al. (88-7). See CW 6:17-18, 20.

ANHINGA (Anhinga anhinga) Longshore Club Park, Westport, 25 Sept.1987, F.W. Mantlik (87-31). First accepted state record (hypothetical).

WHITE IBIS (Eudocimus albus) Immature at Lordship, Stratford, 30 Aug. 1980, D.A. Sibley (88-4).

FULVOUS WHISTLING-DUCK (Dendrocygna bicolor) Three in Assekonk Swamp, North Stonington, 16-29 May 1987, N. Weismuller, R. Dewire, L.R. Bevier*, et al. (87-47). See CW 7:45. Photos on file. First authenticated state record.

TUNDRA SWAN (Cygnus columbianus) Orange, 11 Jan. 1986, J. Bair (88-12); CW 6:38. Konold’s Pond, Woodbridge, 15 Mar. 1986, M.Szantyr (88-8).

GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE (Anser albifrons) Simsbury and Granby, 16-17 Oct. 1985, J. Kaplan et al. (87-42). Willimantic Reservoir, Windham, 23-26 Nov. 1986, L.R. Bevier* and W. Burkett (87-35). Storrs, Mansfield, 16 Oct. 1987, L.R. Bevier* and W. Burkett (87-41). The CRRC considered the evidence to be insufficient for subspecific determination in these three cases.

HARLEQUIN DUCK (Histrionicus histrionicus) Male, Merwin Point, Milford, 4 Nov. 1986, F. McBride* and J. Withgott (87-28). Photo on file.

BLACK VULTURE (Coragyps atratus) Bruce Golf Course, Greenwich, 16 May 1987, K. Ballas et al. (87-24).

AMERICAN SWALLOW-TAILED KITE (Elanoides forficatus) Lake Whitney, Hamden, 10 June 1987, F. McBride* and A. Syer (87-27).

GYRFALCON (Falco rusticolus) West Haven and New Haven, 22 Dec. 1987 until 7 April 1988, N. Currie*, R. Schwartz, et al. (87-48). Photos on file. See American Birds 42:228.

BLACK RAIL (Laterallus jamaicensis) Hammonasset Beach State Park, Madison, 6 Oct. 1986, C. Taylor (87-46).

SANDHILL CRANE (Grus canadensis) Newtown, 24 Aug. 1987, M. Szantyr (88-10).

AMERICAN AVOCET (Recurvirostra americana) Greenwich Point Park, Greenwich, 13 May 1985, J. Zeranski (88-27).

CURLEW SANDPIPER (Calidris ferruginea) Adult in breeding plumage, Barn Island, Stonington, 7 June 1987, L.R. Bevier* and F. Purnell (87-36).

RUFF (Philomachus pugnax) Female, Sherwood Island State Park, Westport, 8 May 1987, R.L. Soffer (87-21).

RED-NECKED PHALAROPE (Phalaropus lobatus) Adult female, Sandy Point, West Haven, 8 June 1987, R. English (87-20).

MEW GULL (Larus canus) Hammonasset Beach State Park, Madison, 5-6 Nov. 1973, F. Purnell et al. (88-6). First state record (hypothetical).

BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKE (Rissa tridactyla) A half mile outside New London harbor, 29 Nov. 1987, H. McGuinness (88-11).

BURROWING OWL (Athene cunicularia) New Haven harbor, 19-28 Dec. 1979, A.H. Bledsoe*, N. Proctor, et al. (88-5). First authenticated state record. See American Birds 34:254 including published photo.

COMMON RAVEN (Corvus corax) Canton Landfill, 27 Feb. 1983, J. Kaplan (88-2).

SEDGE WREN (Cistothorus platensis) Storrs, Mansfield, 5 Oct. 1987, L.R. Bevier* and W. Burkett (87-40).

NORTHERN WHEATEAR (Oenanthe oenanthe) Town Beach, Clinton, 27-29 Sept. 1987, J. Zickefoose*, A. Griswold, et al. (87-38).

VARIED THRUSH (Ixoreus naevius) Male in Granby, 5 Jan.–10 Feb. l986, J. Ford, J. Kaplan*, et al. (87-43). Photo on file.

YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER (Dendroica dominica) Audubon Center, Greenwich, 3-4 May 1986, T. Gilman et al. (87-34). Broad Brook Reservoir area, Meriden, 26 May 1987, F. Whitney (87-22).

BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAK (Pheucticus melanocephalus) Branford, 20 Dec. 1980, N. Proctor, D. Sibley* et al. (88-16).

CLAY-COLORED SPARROW (Spizella pallida) Storrs, Mansfield, 30 Sept. 1987, L.R. Bevier* and W. Burkett (87-37).

LE CONTE’S SPARROW (Ammodramus leconteii), Canton, 27 Dec. 1987 to 9 Jan. 1988, J. Kaplan*, L.R. Bevier, J. Kaufman, et al. (88-1). Photos on file. First authenticated state record. See CW 8:25-27 and American Birds 42:231 including published photo.

HOARY REDPOLL (Carduelis hornemanni) Torrington, 12 Mar. 1987, M. Szantyr* and J. Kirk (88-9) .

UNACCEPTED RECORDS (Identification Questionable)

LEACH’S STORM-PETREL (Oceanodroma leucorhoa) Bird found dead in East Hartford near the Connecticut River in 1975, but specimen lost (87-45).

NORTHERN GANNET (Sula bassanus) Westport, 30 Dec 1984 (85-39).

BLACK VULTURE (Coragyps atratus) Greenwich, 23 Mar. 1988 (88-28).

FERRUGINOUS HAWK (Buteo regalis) Greenwich, 4 Sept. 1987 (87-32).

SANDHILL CRANE (Grus canadensis) New Canaan, 16 Jan. 1988 (88-22).

RED-NECKED PHALAROPE (Phalaropus lobatus) Milford Point, Milford, 27 Aug. 1986 (87-25).

PARASITIC JAEGER (Stercorarius parasiticus) Milford Point, Milford, 21 Sept. 1985 (87-30).

MEW GULL (Larus canus) West Haven, 23 Dec. 1984 (85-34). See CW 5, No. 1, cover photo.

IVORY GULL (Pagophila eburnea) Connecticut River in East Windsor Hill, 11 Jan. 1986 (86-7).

RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD (Selasphorus rufus) Portland Meadows, Portland, 30 Aug. 1986 (87-33).

SCISSOR-TAILED FLYCATCHER (Tyrannus forficatus) Near Milford Point, Milford, 22 Aug. 1987 (87-29).

GRAY JAY (Perisoreus canadensis) East Rock Park, New Haven, Jan. or Feb., 1967 or 1968 (88-18).

MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRD (Sialia currucoides) Male reported from Oxford, mid-April, 1975 (88-19).

LARK BUNTING (Calamospiza melanocorys) Beacon Falls, 24-25 Feb. 1985 (85-11).

HENSLOW’S SPARROW (Ammodramus henslowii) Hammonasset Beach State Park, Madison, 1 Sept. 1986 (87-26). Photos on file.

UNACCEPTED RECORDS, Origin Questionable (identification accepted)

BARNACLE GOOSE (Branta leucopsis) Adult with apparent hutchinsii Canada Goose mate and 2 hybrid offspring, at Southbury Training School, Southbury, and Squire Road Pond, Roxbury, 22 Nov. 1984-10 Jan. 1985 (85-33). Photos on file. See CW 5, No. 2:16-18 and cover photo. Storrs, Mansfield, 21 Sept. 1986 (87-39). Photo on file.

RED-CRESTED POCHARD (Netta rufina), Bunnell’s Pond, Beardsley Park, Bridgeport, 9-13 Dec. 1987 (87-49). Photo on file.

BLACK-HOODED PARAKEET (Nandayus nenday) Storrs, Mansfield, 13-14 Sept. 1987 (88-23).

CHOUGH (Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax) Newtown, 23-24 Nov. 1987 and 15 Feb. 1988 (88-20).


CW 7:48 — The Gull-billed Tern was in Madison on 4 Oct. 1985 and seen by C. Taylor et al. (85-30).

CW 7:50 — The Yellow-headed Blackbird dates should be 16-25 April 1985.

CW 7:51—The South Polar Skua report should have the CRRC designation (85-37), not “(87-37)”.

CW 7:51 — For Ash-throated Flycatcher, add “See CW 6:33-34.”

Submitted: September 27, 1988

George Clark, Chair and Compiler of the Third Report

Committee Members for 1988: Louis Bevier, Tom Burke, Richard English, Ed Hagen, Fred Purnell.
Alternates: Buzz Devine, Fred Sibley, Mark Szantyr, Clay Taylor, Joe Zeranski.

Frank Mantlik, Secretary, 39-A Woodside Ave., Westport, CT 06880