COA Mini-Grant

Mini-grant committee purpose and grant guidelines.

A copy of the Mini-grant guidelines may also be downloaded as either a Microsoft Word document or an Adobe PDF. A web version is provided below. Mini-grant application forms are available for download as either a MS Word document or an Adobe PDF and should be used for final submission to the committee.

Purpose: The purpose of the COA Mini-grant committee is to help fund and support initiatives within the state of Connecticut which specifically benefit the avian wildlife in our state. It has always been part of COA’s mission to reach out to all of those in Connecticut who appreciate our state’s birds and support bird management/conservation initiatives whenever possible.

Guidelines: Listed below are some general guidelines which applicants should review before submitting their applications:

  1. All award decisions will be finalized by March 1 of each calendar year and announced at the COA annual meeting of that calendar year.  Applications for a COA Mini-grant may be submitted at any time of the year, but any applications received after Jan. 15 will not be eligible for consideration for the March 1 awards of that calendar year. Those received after Jan 15 will be added to the pool of applications for the following calendar year.
  2. COA Board members and officers will not be eligible to apply. Conflicts of interest between COA board members/officers and grant applicants will be handled by the committee on a case by case basis.
  3. Grants may be in any amount up to a maximum award of $2,500 to any one recipient.
  4. More than one grant may be awarded but the total disbursement by the committee in any year will be $2,500.
  5. All grant awards will be decided by the Mini-grant committee by means of a simple majority vote.
  6. To be considered, all Mini-grant proposals need to demonstrate some benefit to birds and/or birding in Connecticut.
  7. There will be a Final Report required of all those awarded grants as specified in the application form.
  8. Preference will be given to new applicants. Grant awards may be limited to two consecutive years. Even in the case of multi-year awards, a separate application needs to be submitted each year.
  9. An applicant need not be a member of COA to apply.
  10. The COA will be credited in any publicity resulting from any initiative funded either wholly, or in part, with funds from the COA.
  11. This guide may be found on the COA web site as a Microsoft Word document or an Adobe PDF. The application form is also offered as either a Microsoft Word document or an Adobe PDF.

Mailing and email address for submission of Application and filing of Final Report

(email preferred): coa-minigrants AT

Connecticut Ornithological Association
314 Unquowa Road
Fairfield, CT 06824
Attn: Mini-grant Committee