The Connecticut Warbler

All past issues of The Connecticut Warbler from volumes 1-35 have been indexed. This is an ongoing COA project to index all volumes of the Connecticut Warbler. Each previous year will be added by the end of the current year. An effort was made to index all authors and their articles along with species of birds mentioned in these articles. Also, highlighted species from Bird Count summaries and ARCC reports. Photo Challenges will be found under the author in chronological order and again under ‘Photo Challenge’ with species covered alphabetically. Book Reviews were treated similarly with the reviews listed chronologically under the author of the reviews and then again under Books on Birds, listed alphabetically by book author.

All efforts were made to make this as accurate as possible. Direct all correspondence to: We hope this adds to your enjoyment of the Connecticut Warbler and birding in Connecticut.

Download (PDF file) the latest COA Warbler Index (Vol 1-35).

PDFs of back issues

COA is pleased to offer all issues of The Connecticut Warbler, from two years behind the current year to the first issue in 1981, for public review as downloadable PDF documents.

Volumes 1-28 have been scanned from paper copies, extensively processed in Adobe Acrobat Pro, and stored in PDF format. Volumes 29 and higher are generated from the original content and are of much higher quality. It is recommended that you use a current version of Adobe Reader to view these documents although other applications may also be able to process/convert the PDF files. Each volume is relatively large (10-16MB) so downloading may take considerable time on slower links.

Note that each volume is bookmarked (see the symbols in the left margin of Adobe Reader) and can be searched using the search feature (Ctrl-f) of Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. The pages are presented in 1-up format for screen viewing. Adobe Reader offers options to view pages in 2-up mode and scaling is easily changed with a button click too. Acrobat can also rotate pages (tables for example) for printing.

If you should notice any missing or obliterated content or other anomalies in a volume please contact us.

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