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Raptors to Cuckoos
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All photos taken in Connecticut.

Osprey nestlings
(Pandion haliaetus)

July, 2002. Old Lyme © Hank Golet

Bald Eagle
(Haliaeetus leucocephalus)

Immature. Salmon River, February 2002.
© Hank Golet

Immature Northern Goshawk
(Accipiter gentilis)
These images capture the result of a remarkable example of a Northern Goshawk's
bold prey selection of a Wild Turkey!.

March 2002. © Hank Golet

The following text is from Hank Golet who captured these images.
A friend called me about 10 this morning and said that a large brown hawk had attacked an adult wild turkey in his yard, then followed the injured, dazed turkey into the nearby woods where the hawk finished it off and the hawk was now standing on the turkey. I grabbed my camera and rushed up there only to find that the hawk had left the scene. We talked for a while and I went home. Ten minutes later he calls back and says the hawk is back standing over the dead turkey. I rushed back. The bird was in a laurel thicket and we looked but could not find an opening for a clear shot. The Goshawk was about thirty feet away standing next to the Turkey, not moving a muscle, looking at us. After a few minutes the Goshawk determined we were not a threat and proceeded to tear into the Turkey. We stayed with the bird for about 30 minutes when it flew off. You can see in the one picture (on the left) that the bird has its wings spread to hide the turkey (mantling).

Red-Shouldered Hawk
(Buteo lineatus)

Immature. September, 2002. © Hank Golet

Red-tailed Hawk
(Buteo jamaicensis)

January, 2003. Westport. © AJ Hand

(Falco columbarius)

February, 2003. West Hartford. © Dave Tripp

Ruffed Grouse
(Bonasa umbellus)

June, 2003. © Mark Szantyr
Ruffed Grouse
(Bonasa umbellus)

June, 2003. © Mark Szantyr
Ruffed Grouse
(Bonasa umbellus)

Showing ruff.
June, 2003. Ashford. © Fred Norton

Virginia Rails
(Rallus limicola)

Spring, 2002. Litchfield. © Jim Zipp

Sandhill Crane and Red-tailed Hawk
(Grus canadensis and Buteo jamaicensis)

April 26, 2001. Southbury Training School.
© Mark Szantyr

Black-headed Gull
(Larus ridibundus)

Torrington, 1993. © Dave Tripp

Bonaparte's Gull
(Larus philadelphia)

August, 2004. West Haven. © Julian Hough

Iceland Gull
(Larus glaucoides)
December, 2002. Westport. © AJ Hand

Caspian Tern
(Sterna caspia)

July, 2001. Milford. © Bruce Finnan

Common Tern
(Sterna hirundo)

August, 1994. Old Lyme. © Dave Provencher

Least Tern

(Sterna antillarum)
July, 1995. Old Lyme.
© Dave Provencher
Least Tern

(Sterna antillarum)
2003 © Paul Fusco

Black Tern
(Chlidonias niger)

May, 2003. Westport. © AJ. Hand

Black Skimmer
(Rynchops niger)

Juvenile. September 17, 2003.
Sandy Point, West Haven © AJ. Hand

Black-billed Cuckoo
(Coccyzus erythropthalmus)

May, 2003 © Steve Morytko
Black-billed Cuckoo
(Coccyzus erythropthalmus)

June, 2003. Weston. © AJ Hand

Yellow-billed Cuckoo
(Coccyzus americanus)
June, 2003. Naugatuck. © AJ Hand


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