Rare Connecticut Birds

Here you’ll find images of birds recently photographed in Connecticut that are considered to be rare in our state. Each includes the species, location, and photographer. Check out our blog for more sightings of intriguing, uncommon, or otherwise notable birds.

Summer Tanager at Selleck’s Woods, Darien in May 2017 by Scott Kruitbosch

Yellow-headed Blackbird at Stratford Point, April 2017 by Scott Kruitbosch

Ross’s Goose at Long Shore Country Club, Westport by Frank Gallo

Lesser Black-backed Gull at Burying Hill Beach, Westport by Frank Gallo

Pacific Loon – Mystic – 12/28/16 by Frank Mantlik

Cackling Goose – Stratford – 1/1/17 by Frank Mantlik

Pink-footed Goose – Westport- 1/5/17 by Frank Mantlik

Ovenbird – Westport – 1/10/17 by Frank Mantlik

Northern Shrike – Morris – 1/13/17 by Frank Mantlik

Eared Grebe – Stratford – 1/16/17 by Frank Mantlik

Ross’s Goose – Westport/Fairfield – 1/17/17 by Frank Mantlik

Tufted Duck (with Greater Scaup) – Bridgeport – 1/22/17 by Frank Mantlik

Vesper Sparrow – Woodbury – 1/30/17 by Frank Mantlik

Orange-crowned Warbler – Stratford – 12/26/16 by Scott Kruitbosch