COA Big January 2019


  • A friendly competition to encourage birders to get out and go birding during the cold month of January
  • A prize (a COA CT Warbler cap) will be awarded to the individuals who report the most species in each county in CT in the month of January, as well as within the state, overall.
  • All species seen or heard need to have been observed on public land, your own property, or private property with permission.
  • For those CT birders who use ebird, simply submit checklists in ebird for all of the birds you see in the month of January.  We will utilize the ebird records at the end of the month to determine which individuals have recorded the most species in each county in CT. 
  • For those CT birders who do not use ebird, please keep a record of where and when you first observed each species in the month of January and forward the results at the end of the month to the email address below.   
  • Deadline for submission is Sunday, Feb. 3, 2019 at 11:59 pm. Send them to: Chris Loscalzo at 
  • A report on the results will be posted shortly thereafter on the CT birds list-serve and in an article on the COA website
  • Digital photos you have taken are welcome. Credit will be given for any photos used in the summary report.
  • Advanced registration is NOT necessary.
  • Since this event is based on the honor system, please make every effort to be accurate and certain of your identification.
  • Go birding in January!