Big January 2018


  • To qualify, one needs to have identified (seen or heard) a minimum of 90 species for the month within Connecticut.
  • All species seen/heard need to have been counted on public property, your own property, or private property with permission.
  • Report your species list in the same order as the or the species order of eBird is also acceptable. Also, if possible, provide the date and location (town) for the first time each species was identified (optional, but encouraged).
  • For those that use eBird, it is quite easy to generate your January CT list to submit. Otherwise, please provide a database, or even a simple list.
  • Deadline for submission is Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018 at 11:59 pm. Send them to: johnmarshall47 AT
  • A report on the results will be posted shortly thereafter on the CT birds list-serve, and in an article on the COA website
  • Digital photos you have taken, especially of rare species, are welcome. Credit will be given for any photos used in the summary report.
  • Since this event is based on the honor system, please make every effort to be honest and certain of your identification.

Please think about conservation when birding this year. Instead of “chasing” down rare birds across the state every weekend, perhaps you should see how many you can find in your own town or at a given sanctuary or two. You might just find a bird or two you never expected, a new patch to explore, and will feel better for helping the environment and your wallet.