Bridled Tern

These Bridled Tern photos were taken by me at Falkner Is., Guilford, CT on 31 July 2017. This extreme CT rarity was present there from July 28 (found by tern researchers Cedric Duhalde and James Heuschkel) – seen almost daily – through it’s last sighting on Aug 11. The island, home of a large, protected tern nesting colony located 3.5 miles off the coast, is part of the Stewart B. McKinney NWR.  Access is very limited (no landing is permitted), and a boat is needed to reach the island. Despite this, many birders found ways – private boats, boats for hire, rental boats, and kayaks – to reach the island in attempts to view this rare bird. It was only the second record of this Caribbean species to be documented in the state; the first was 25 years ago, at this very same island!

Frank Mantlik
COA Vice President