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The Connecticut Ornithological Association (COA) is the only statewide organization dedicated specifically
to Connecticut's birds, birders, and birding.

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Creating Habitat for Birds with Native Plants

Spring is coming (really!) and now is the time to start thinking about replacing your winter-damaged trees and shrubs and making your local patch more attractive to birds, insects and mammals. Native plant species can be hard to find but some non-profit organizations hold annual plant sales this time of year where you may find a wide variety of species and information to help you create and enhance the habitat in your local patch.

2015 COA Workshop Schedule

The COA Workshop Schedule is out! These workshops provide CT birders with a great opportunity to learn more about some of the more challenging bird ID opportunities found in Connecticut.

Rusty Blackbird Blitz 2015

From mid-March through April participate in a citizen science project designed to help study a species in serious decline. More information on the News page.

2015 BIG JANUARY Connecticut

The 2015 Big January - Connecticut competition results are in!! Congratulations to all who participated!

The Spring COA Bulletin Available

The COA Bulletin 2015 Spring issue is now available to download.

Did you know ... ?

More and more, CT birders record their sightings on eBird and there are many benefits for you and the birding community. Besides archiving all your sightings, after registering eBird can send alerts of unusual sightings in CT and other regions to your email inbox. There are options for delivery of alerts by county, state, and country and also Needs Alerts for species you have not personally recorded in a particular region. For more information visit the eBird Alerts help page.

Once you've registered for eBird you might also want to check out Birdlog. It is tightly integrated with eBird offering a very handy way to easily record and enter your eBird data using a phone/tablet app while you're in the field.

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COA endorses
SMBC's efforts to promote a better environment by certifying 100%-organic shade-grown bird friendly coffee.
More about SMBC.

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